10 essential articles for digital entrepreneurs in November

The skills a digital entrepreneur requires to achieve success are constantly evolving. To make things easier, each month we compile the industry’s best articles to help keep you informed. Below you’ll find 10 of the best marketing, management, web design, and productivity articles published in November 2019.

Digital Marketing

A Crash Course in Custom Audiences for Your Social Media Ads
Heather-Mae Pusztai explains “custom audiences” and explores how they can improve your ad spend effectiveness.

9 LinkedIn Content Ideas That Will Bring You More Customers
Ugi Djuric shares a MASSIVE guide to using LinkedIn to generate leads.

Top 5 Strategies to Increase Your Brand’s Instagram Engagement
Rafaella Aguiar teaches us how to optimize the performance of our Instagram brand pages.

How To Write Email Newsletters That People Actually Want To Read
Margo Aaron uses insightful case studies to explain what makes an email newsletter effective.

Color Psychology in Marketing and Branding is All About Context
Gregory Ciotti looks at the science behind the psychology of color as it relates to persuasion .


How to Scale Your Online Store with WooCommerce
Mariah Liszewski assesses some of the technical and business development challenges of scaling a WooCommerce store.

Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Strategies for Online Shop Owners
There’s not much time left to take advantage of Christmas shopping! Let Anthony Capetola show you how.

How to Price Your Products: An Easy-to-Use Guide
Better Lemonade Stand provides a comprehensive analysis on the science of product pricing.


The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Productivity
Darius Foroux shares a huge list of tips, apps, and books to help improve your productivity.

The 40 Best Organizational Tools to Enhance Your Work
This is arguably too many potential tools to think about, but there’s some real gems in here.

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