11 essential articles for digital entrepreneurs in May

The skills a digital entrepreneur requires to achieve success are constantly evolving. To make things easier, each month we compile the industry’s best articles to help keep you informed. Below you’ll find 11 of the best marketing, management, web design, and productivity articles published in May 2020.

Digital Marketing

The Immediate Benefits of Tracking Your Cost per Acquisition
Cost Per Acquisition is one of the most important metrics to watch if you’re advertising online.

Email Sender Reputation – What You Need to Know
Are your marketing emails going to spam? Nataly Birch explains “sender reputation” and how to look after it.

9 Online Customer Retention Strategies To Fuel Your Business
Kaleigh Moore explores strategies to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

Automating your social media posts could hurt your startup’s online presence
Social media automation saves time, but it could hurt your brand. Tricia Aurelline Atmadja explains how.

Unconventional Tips to Improve Open Rates in 2020
Campaign Monitor share some creative ideas to get people to open your emails.

Is growing your business on Instagram worth the effort?
Instagram is hugely popular, but should your business use it? Eduardo Morales finds out.

Three Steps to a Better-Performing About Page
Ann Smarty breaks down the elements of an effective About page.

5 ‘product market fit’ tips to make your startup successful
Paul Asel argues that companies win markets by being first to product-market-fit, not first to market

5 creative ways to capture email addresses on your eCommerce website
We share some creative ideas for getting potential customers to provide you with their email address.

Productivity & Management

Lost your drive? Here’s how entrepreneurs can recapture their spark
CEO & Leadership Coach Leo Widrich shares his advice for founders who feel bored or burned out.

Three Steps to Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places
Emily Esposito explains how making mental connections can boost your creativity.

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