12 essential articles for digital entrepreneurs in July

The skills a digital entrepreneur requires to achieve success are constantly evolving. To make things easier, each month we compile the industry’s best articles to help keep you informed. Below you’ll find 12 of the best marketing, management, web design, and productivity articles published in July 2020.


How to Pre-Launch on Instagram: The Inside Story of Jot Coffee’s Social Media Strategy
Sophie Gil shares how Jot Coffee used Instagram to build their brand prior to launching.

The most extensive cold email guide from A to Z
Ilya Azovtsev breaks down the essentials of sending cold emails that get responses.

The Definitive Guide On How To Ask For Referrals
Nothing beats word-of-mouth. Darya Troncoso explains how you can encourage customers to give referrals.

Facebook Ads vs. LinkedIn Ads – Which is Best For B2B Marketing?
Alex Tucker compares the ROI of an advertising campaign published on Facebook and LinkedIn.

A Brand’s Guide to Unsplash: How to Unlock the Next Big Visual Marketing Channel
Does your business produce a lot of photos? Ann Smarty explains how sharing to Unspash can grow your brand

A Startup Owners Guide To The Major Social Media Platforms
It feels like there’s a new social platform appearing every week. MicroStartups discusses what’s hot right now.

The Real Short-Term and Long-Term Results of Content Marketing and Digital PR
A technical, in-depth look at the impacts of a content-marketing strategy.


Ways to Optimize Your Checkout for More Revenue
Your checkout page is an opportunity to increase order size by offering customers additional products.

5 Practical Ways to Automate Ecommerce Customer Service
Sorin Alupoaie explains how technology can be used to make customer service more efficient and effective.

It’s the Perfect Time to Launch a Loyalty Program
Does your store have a loyalty program? Pamela Hazelton explains why they’re valuable and how to set one up.

How to Start a Successful Dropshipping Business
Want to get into online selling without holding inventory? Dan Magill explains “dropshipping”.

Management & Productivity

10 Must-Have Productivity and Life Hacks for Work-From-Home
Brian T. Edmondson suggests ways you can deal with the difficulty and distraction of working from home.

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