17+ articles and resources for web designers, bloggers and entrepreneurs shared in January

Looking to keep your webmaster skills sharp and your website packed with visitors. We look at 17 of the best marketing, blogging, web design, and productivity articles published on the web throughout the month of January.


5 digital marketing trends that will disrupt your business
JT Ripton looks at how emerging technologies are changing the digital marketing landscape.

6 Outdated SEO Strategies You Should Stop Using Immediately
Effective Search Engine Optimization trends change with the times. Nick Schäferhoff presents six that we shouldn’t be using anymore.

Practical Tips and Tricks to Boost Traffic To Your Website
Vishnu Supreet has some ideas that can help to get the traffic flowing towards your website.

5 Smart Content Marketing Goals to Set Your Sights On
Kevin Wood explores the value of a blog to drive customers to your business.


The state of blogging in 2017
Dmytro Spilka offers some great tips for improving your blog and taking advantage of newly available technologies.

7 Ways How to Avoid Blogging Overwhelm as a Solopreneur
Afton Negrea provides some helpful tips to keep your blog organised, active and focused.

How To Make Time To Grow A Successful Blog When You Have A Full-Time Job
Some of these suggestions are a little brutal, but Michelle Schroeder-Gardner eloquently argues that we can make a lot of extra time each day if we really try.

How to Come up With More Than Enough (Great) Ideas for Your Blog
Ali Luke shares some great ideas to break through writers block and get that blog content flowing.

12 Essential Resources for Becoming a Stronger Blogger
Lindsay Liedke lists 12 tools and services useful for bloggers, almost all of which are completely free.

8 Reasons You’re Losing Money On Your Blog
Larry Alton highlights some of the reasons your blog may not be succeeding.

7 Tips to Delight Your Audience With Your Writing
Writing well is surprisingly hard. Kevin Wood offers some tips to write in a more compelling way.

Web Design

2017 predictions for web design & technology trends
Envato CEO Collis Ta’eed explores some of the design and technology trends he expects to see emerge and strengthen in 2017.

9 rules effective “coming soon” pages follow
Got a new project coming soon? James George suggests some dos and don’ts of landing page designs.

5 fast tips for improving your web development skills
Brenda Stokes Barron suggests five activities to keep your web development skills up to date in an ever-changing industry.


Why Slacking Off Can Speed Up Your Productivity
Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Trello’s Sean O’Meara explains the concept.

Dealing with the Pressures of Constant Creativity
Constant creativity can be exhausting. Eric Karkovack has some suggestions for managing it.

Effective Brainstorming Techniques
Evernote’s Michael Gaylord presents some ideas to improve the effectiveness of your brainstorming.

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