20 articles and resources for web designers, bloggers and entrepreneurs shared in May

Looking to keep your webmaster skills sharp and your website packed with visitors? Here’s X of the best marketing, blogging, web design, and productivity articles published on the web throughout the month of May.


How Social Media Impacts Your SEO
Arnaud Broes investigates the impact that social media marketing has on your website’s search performance.

The Site Speed and SEO Connection
Did you know that your site’s SEO is linked to its speed? Jim Stewart has the details.

15 Instagram Marketing Tips to Help People Fall in Love with Your WordPress Business
Brenda Barron has some words of advice for marketers looking to take advantage of Instagram.

5 Customer Service Tips for Early-Stage Startups
Veteran entrepreneur Adii Pienaar offers tips to enhance your customer service and help your business grow.

Want the Media’s Attention? Here’s What Not to Do
Cate Lawrence warns against several common mistakes made when trying to get media attention for your product.


7 Tips for Increasing Social Media Engagement
Kristie McCollum answers why social media marketing is important to bloggers, and offers 7 tips to achieve greater engagement.

How Do You Blog Consistently When You Have Very Little Time?
Ali Luke shares some tips for becoming a consistent blogger—even if you’re pressed for time.

Want to Make Money From Your WordPress Blog? You Need a Niche

Rachel McCollin argues the importance of focusing your blog within a niche.

A Practical Look at Turning Your Blog into a Functioning Business
Anna Johansson offers some tips for those who dream of living off the earnings from their blog.

Web Design

13 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing for a Global Audience
Suzanne Scacca explores the challenges of designing a website that’s effective across different cultures.

30+ Free High Quality WordPress Themes Worth Checking Out in 2017

Raelene Morey showcases 30 fantastic free themes to give your WordPress websites a much-deserved facelift.

How to Balance Information Density in Web Design
Marc Schenker explains “information density” and how to effectively manage it in your web design products.


Are you in your write mind? How to overcome writer’s block
Janet Patterson discusses strategies to help you beat writer’s block and become more productive.

Project Management Tools for WordPress to Help You Stay on Track
Not just for WordPress projects! These tips by David Attard will help you reach peak-productivity for whatever you’re working on.

Do these 6 morning routines to jumpstart your productivity

Ben Taylor suggests some lifestyle changes that can help to boost your productivity.

Want to be more productive? Quit multitasking.
Janet Patterson argues that trying to multi-task too much ultimately makes us less productive.

Web Development

Atom Editor Adds Git and GitHub Integration
Sarah Gooding reports that the Atom text editor now has built-in integration with GitHub.

What to Expect in WordPress 4.8
Jeff Chandler walks us through some of the new features coming in WordPress 4.8

17 Best Text Editors for WordPress Development in 2017
There’s lots of great text editors available to developers. Jenni McKinnon tries to figure out which is best.

How to Use Different Sidebars on Different Pages, Posts, or Categories
Colin Newcomer explains how to use the Content Aware Sidebars plugin for WordPress.

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