25+ articles and resources for web designers, bloggers and entrepreneurs shared in November

There was a huge amount of great content shared across the web for web designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and “webmasters” in the month of November. To save you some time, we’ve put together a list of (what we think) are the best and most useful articles on marketing, design and blogging. Enjoy!

News from The Web Atom

Free SSL Certificates for Everyone!
Yup, every single customer now gets a free SSL certificate for every domain name added to their account.


Don’t Launch In the Dark: How to Plan Your Community
Erica McGillivray explores the strategies used by companies to build an online community around their product or service.

What’s in a brand name?
The New Yorker’s James Surowiecki offers an erudite discussion on the value of a brand name, based on the phonemic associations they conjure.

The Definitive Guide to Email Newsletters for Ecommerce Companies
Danny Wong explores how online stores can take advantage of email newsletters to improve their sales.

5 Ways To Figure Out What Your Website Visitors Actually Want
How do you know if your website is giving your visitors what they want? Jon Penland offers some useful advice.

6 ways to balance your personal and professional social accounts
Running a bunch of different social media account can be confusing and challenging. Amber Leigh Turner has some tips to navigate the land mines.

5 Psychology-Based Design Tips to Improve Engagement on Your Website
The ever-brilliant Neil Patel shares some tips for leveraging psychology to improve engagement on your website.

Mobile internet use passes desktop for the first time, study finds
Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Now that most visitors are on a mobile or tablet, it’s more important than ever. Darrell Etherington has the details.

Stop Pressuring Me to Sign Up to Your Newsletter!
Do you hate those obnoxious newsletter signup forms that take over entire websites? Paul Boag has some brutal words for the people who use them.

How to Run Your Small Business Like an Entrepreneur
Julia Melymbrose shares a lot of great advice for small business owners who want to operate more like internet-savvy tech entrepreneurs.

Click, Convert, Commit: Choosing Photos for Engaging and Optimized Content
Mariel Tavakoli has some tips for selecting photography to make your website’s content pop.


More Ways to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic Without Google Search
ProBlogger investigates some of the ways blogs can drive traffic without relying solely on Google search.

9 Ways to Protect Your WordPress Blog’s Images from Theft
Brenda Barron offers some tips for protecting your photos and images from theft.

New to Blogging? Ditch the Fear of Judgement
Ellen Jackson shares some encouraging thoughts for beginner bloggers looking to overcome the fear of judgement.
Is Google AMP a Win for WordPress? Some Publishers Earn 50 Percent Less Money
Thinking Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages) might be a good fit for your website? Colin Newcomer offers some words of warning.
How to Make Time for Blogging During Your Lunch Break
Larry Alton argues that even the busiest person can find time to write new content; even offering some time management tips to make it a reality.

How to Use Your Inner Contrarian to Generate Endless Content Ideas
Matt Clough has some advice for coming up with new content ideas for your blog.

A Quick Guide to Creating Beautiful Images for WordPress Blog Posts
Daniel Lee provides an incredibly in-depth look at the many tools, services and techniques available to create compelling graphics for any website.

How to Reshare Old Blog Posts on Social Media to Get More Engagement
Colin Newcomer shares ways to automatically share old content on your social media accounts, and provides an argument for why you should do it.

Web Design

Confused customers and cart abandonment: How to improve your eCommerce customer experience
Rhiân Davies looks at some of the design tweaks to make your online store easier to use, so your customers don’t give up before purchasing something.

State of WordPress Typography Plugins and Available Options!
Ahmad Awais compares a variety of methods to add custom fonts to your WordPress website.

A Guide to Single-Page Websites in WordPress
Eric Karkovack investigates some of the design trends in single-page websites.

10 rules of best practice for responsive design
Jeremy Girard explains the current “best practices” for web designers seeking to build a responsive website.

6 Web Design Style Predictions for 2017
Ben Bate tries to predict some of the design styles and trends that will become popular in the next year.

5 ways to prepare your WordPress site for more traffic
ThemeZilla’s Alanna suggests some ways a WordPress site can be made more tolerant of traffic spikes.

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