7 ways to prepare your online store for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, so now is the last opportunity you’ll have to prepare your online store for the massive pre-Christmas shopping season. Whatever industry you’re in, there’s almost certainly an opportunity to pick up some extra sales. In this blog post, we look at 7 things you can do to get your story ready.

  1. Publish Christmas shipping cut-off dates

  2. If people are buying gifts online, they won’t complete the purchase unless they’re assured that the items will arrive before Christmas day.

    Be sure to publish the delivery cut-off dates in your shipping information page, and as Christmas approaches, on your checkout page too. You can generally get this information from your shipping provider.

  3. Offer a gift wrapping service

  4. If you’re customers are purchasing gifts for their loved ones from you store, it might be worth offering a gift wrapping service. This will allow your customers to directly send gifts from your store to their intended recipients—a huge convenience for which they may be willing to pay handsomely.

  5. Launch Christmas-themed products

  6. This time of year, there’s almost nothing you can’t sell more of by just adding some Christmas design elements. Whether it’s Christmas tree cookies, a sweater with a snowman, or a dog’s chew-toy with a Santa hat; people go nuts for things that bring more festive spirit into their lives.

  7. Produce festive marketing content

  8. Up to date, timely, original content can help drive traffic to your store at any time of year. So when it’s Christmas, you should write a Christmas themed blog post, send a season’s greetings email newsletter, or share some festive social media posts.

    If you’re taking a break during the holidays, a social media scheduling tool could be valuable to keep connected to your customers while you’re away.

  9. Update your shipping rate table

  10. It’s common for delivery services to increase their prices in the buildup to Christmas. Australia Post, Sendle, and Toll have already jacked up their prices in the last few weeks, and other services are likely to follow.

    Make sure you’ve got the most recent rates to ensure you’re passing along the correct costs to your customers.

  11. Offer promotions as Christmas approaches

  12. There’s a very narrow window during which you can capture Christmas sales, and the competition can be fierce. If you’re selling Christmas-specific products, consider increasing the generosity of your promotions before the delivery cutoff date approaches—you don’t want to get stuck holding unsold merchandise for a year.

  13. Build your mailing list and capture repeat business

  14. Christmas is one of the busiest shopping periods, so it’s probable that you’ll receive a spike in orders even you don’t ramp-up your promotional efforts. Make sure getting as much value as possible from this deluge of new customers by maximizing their potential future repeat business. Capture email addresses, implement automated follow-ups, and encourage them to follow you on social media.

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