8 Essential articles for digital entrepreneurs in January

The skills and knowledge a digital entrepreneur needs to succeed is constantly evolving. To make things easier, each month we compile the industry’s best articles to help you keep informed. This post looks at 8 of the best marketing, management, web design, and productivity articles published in January.


The Power of Millennials and Peer Recommendations in eCommerce
Brindha Sitham discusses ways online stores can take advantage of the sociability of millennials.

Try the New WooCommerce Mobile App for Key Metrics, Order Look-Up, and Notifications
WooCommerce has a new mobile app! Marina Pape walks us through its features.


What Is Ad Retargeting – Complete Guide to Get Started
Brian Jackson provides an in-depth look at ad re-targeting and how to configure it across various ad platforms.

6 Powerful Psychological Biases and How They Influencer Human Behavior Online
Brian Peters offers psychological insights on human behavior and how they can be leveraged to increase revenue.

Personas: What They Are, How to Make Them, and How to Use Them in Marketing
John Hughes discusses the value in creating a ‘customer persona’ that can help drive decision making.

Design & Development

How Do I Design An Effective Homepage For My WordPress Blog?
Todd Terwillegar breaks down the components of an effective homepage design.

Why You Need to Upgrade to PHP 7+ ASAP (and How to Do It Right Now)
Kim Gjerstad explains why you absolutely need to upgrade from PHP 5.x as soon as possible.


In praise of doing nothing: How to turn boredom into brilliant ideas
Kate Hollowood explores the connection between boredom and creativity, and how to use it your advantage.

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