Add your call-to-action to any webpage with is a link shortener that lets you add your own call-to-action to almost any website. It works by adding a small overlay to the bottom left corner of the page, on which you can place your logo, text, and a link. effectively allows you to use curated content to drive traffic to your own website. You can share links on social media, allowing you to encourage followers who click your link to also visit your website.

Potential Issues

The call-to-action overlay doesn’t work on a substantial percentage of websites. opens the linked page in an iFrame, so it won’t work on any website that uses the X-FRAME-OPTIONS header or otherwise prevents itself from loading from a different domain.

There is also an ethical issue with injecting your own content and call-to-action atop someone else’s content. If you’re doing something particularly nefarious, like impersonating the target site, or faking an endorsement, you could also land in legal trouble.

Pricing offers a free plan that allows a single user to use a single brand profile and generate up to 1,000 clicks. You can add a second brand profile and 4,000 extra clicks for $29/month. Larger plans are also offered, with $79 for six brand profiles, $149 for ten brand profiles, and $299 for 15 brand profiles. Additional features like custom domains, phone support, custom branding, and A/B testing are unlocked as you move up through the plans.


Although we haven’t tested it exhaustively, we were able to achieve a 14% click through rate for our call-to-action. That’s a pretty solid result, especially when you consider that is free and takes very little effort to use.


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Hi! I’m a web designer, software developer, and digital marketer based in South Australia. I've been building websites on WordPress for over 12 years. You can learn more about the projects and businesses I'm involved with on my website.

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