Embed live chat into your website for free with Crisp

Crisp is a live chat platform that allows your customers to message you from any page of your website. It’s designed specifically for startups and small businesses, and is one of the few live chat services that offers a full-featured free tier.

Adding Crisp to your website

After you’ve created your Crisp account, you’ll be provided with a snippet of JavaScript code. Add this code to your website’s HTML in the <head>…</head> section, or just above the closing body tag.

If your website is built on self-hosted WordPress, you can install Crisp’s WordPress plugin. Once installed, follow the prompts to connect the plugin to your Crisp account and that’s it.


The embedded chat is obviously the major feature of Crisp. There’s nothing that really distinguishes it from the embedded chat offering from other services, other than the very general free plan. You can have multiple support agents communicating with customers at the same time, customize the look and feel of popup, and, if you upgrade to a paid plan, create autoresponders and bots.

Mobile apps and desktop clients

Crisp offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS. The apps work exactly as advertised, enabling you to respond to customers from a mobile an interface that’s analogous to any other decent chat app.  They also have desktop clients, which are essentially just native UI wrapped around the web interface.

Visitor overview

One neat feature Crisp offers is the ability to view all of the guests currently browsing your website—a bit like real-time Google Analytics—and see their location plotted on a map. If you’re using the WordPress plugin, and the website visitor is logged into their account, Crisp will display the user’s name. You can even initiate a chat conversation with visitors!

Integration with other services

If you choose to upgrade to one of the paid plans, you’ll be able to integrate Crisp with a wide range of CRM tools and chat apps, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Zendesk, and Twitter.

Should I use Crisp?


Embedded chat is a great way to quickly answer customer questions, and Crisp is arguably the easiest way of adding chat to your website. It took us under an hour to install, customize, and test Crisp on a client’s website, and it costs absolutely nothing.

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