Essential articles for digital entrepreneurs in December

The skills and knowledge a digital entrepreneur needs to succeed is constantly evolving. To make things easier, each month we compile the industry’s best articles to help you keep informed. This post looks at 12 of the best marketing, management, web design, and productivity articles published in December.

Digital Marketing

How to Use Video Content to Raise Brand Awareness and Sell Your Product
Brian Peters provides an in-depth look at how your brand can utilize video content in its social media strategy.

Can Twitter Threads Increase Reach, Engagement, and Referral Traffic? An Experiment
Alfred Lua experiments with Twitter threads and reports the results.


More Than a Pet Project: The Story Of Dogs Meow Subscriptions
Andrea Zoellner explores how Dogs Meow used subscriptions to grow their pet food business.

Streamlining your WooCommerce Checkout Process to Increase Sales
Curtis McHale discusses how you can increase conversions by making the checkout process faster and easier.

The automated emails every online store should send
We suggest five different types of follow-up emails that can drive repeat sales.

Return Policy Template Examples for Small eCommerce Businesses
Chris Lema shares solid advice for dealing with returns an a handy return policy template.

Generation Z will transform parcel delivery processes — so businesses must adapt
Walter Scremin looks at how the preferences and demands of Gen Z will shape the future of eCommerce.

Starting a WooCommerce Subscription Box Service
Chris Lema walks through the steps in creating a subscription box service with lots of great examples.

Productivity & Management

7 Things to Start Being More Productive, Today
CamMi Pham breaks out the science to explain how to maximize personal productivity.

Design & Development

8 Best Practice Ways to Make Your Mobile Site Load Faster
Raelene Morey explains some technical solutions to slow WordPress-powered mobile websites.

Pantone Announces Color of the Year: Living Coral
Ben Moss showcases this year’s Pantone colour of the year. Will you use it an upcoming project?

Where is the Best Place to Put Social Media Links on Your WordPress Website?
Mayra Pena weighs the pros and cons of putting social media links on different parts of your website.

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