Interesting articles for digital entrepreneurs from November 2017

The skills and knowledge a digital entrepreneur needs to succeed is constantly evolving. To make things a little easier, each month we’re compiling the best industry articles to help you stay informed. In this post we look at 13 of the best marketing, blogging, web design, and productivity articles published in November.


5 important tools in our content marketing toolbox
We look at five tools—most of them lesser-known—that help supercharge your content marketing efforts.

A Simple 3-Step Approach to Increasing Conversions and ROI with Social Media Advertising
Brian Peters has written a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of advertising on social media.

9 Basic Social Media Writing Tips
Christina Battons offers writing tips to help your social media content stand out from the crowd.


How To Start A Travel Blog: Beginner’s Guide
Colin Newcomer provides an easy step-by-step guide to creating a travel blog.

Why You Should Share Blog Posts More Than Once on Social (and How We Do It with MeetEdgar)
Raelene Morey explains how to recycle content on social media using MeetEdgar.

The Anatomy of a Successful WordPress Blog Post
Jenni McKinnon shares an in-depth look at her blog writing process.

4 WordPress Formatting Tips to Make Your Posts More Readable
Ali Luke suggests some content formatting tips to make your writing more appealing and readable.

Web Design

How to Create a Powerful Landing Page with WordPress
Jenni McKinnon attempts to demystify the art of successful landing page design.

Confusion Doesn’t Convert: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Website Navigation
Bree Smith presents some design best-practices to improve your website’s navigation.

A Busy Designer’s Guide to Building Websites More Efficiently with WordPress
Eric Karkovack explores ways you can leverage the WordPress ecosystem to design and develop websites faster.

5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Converting
Arnaud Broes looks at several reasons why your website isn’t producing value for your business.


How to build a startup while having a full-time job — according to people who did it
Phoebe Dodds has collected some great tips from successful entrepreneurs.

How to Create an Efficient Contact Page That Boosts Your Productivity
Paul Cunningham examines some strategies to minimize time spent responding to contact form submissions.

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