What is ‘Evergreen Content’ and how can I use it effectively?

Evergreen content is online content that is perpetually relevant and able to continue attracting traffic for significant amounts of time after publication. Building a strong content portfolio of evergreen content can form a valuable part of your SEO and social media strategy.

What is evergreen content?

When choosing a topic for evergreen content, it’s important to avoid subjects that are likely to become less relevant over time. News articles, political discussion, cultural fads and fashion trends are all topics that lose relevance quickly and make for poor evergreen content.

Any content that isn’t time-sensitive can be considered evergreen. Articles like “how to remove tomato stains” or “healthy treat ideas for dogs” will be just as relevant to your audience in five years time as they are today, making them excellent content for attracting traffic over a long-term period.

Evergreen content should compliment your other content strategies

Some websites are almost entirely comprised of evergreen content (Wikipedia, IMDB etc.), however timely, topical articles are most valuable to get recurring traffic from your audience.

Evergreen content should be targeted more towards search engines than to your existing audience. The goal of evergreen content is to acquire new readers, so your content should target keywords likely to be searched by people new to your particular niche.

Search engines will help get traffic to your evergreen content, but the next challenge is get those readers to continue returning to your website to consume your time-sensitive content. Push your social media pages and email subscriptions hard for these visitors to encourage them to become a part of your regular audience.

As part of your social media strategy

High levels of posting activity is essential to build a strong social media audience. If you’re not able to produce new content at a fast enough rate to have enough new material to share several times per day, having a stockpile of evergreen content could prove very useful.

The timeless nature of evergreen content allows you to share it on social media multiple times – hours, weeks or even years apart.

Social media management apps like Buffer or HootSuite allow you to schedule social media posts so you can rotate through your evergreen content to drive traffic while appearing to be more active than you actually are.

Launching a new site? Start with evergreen content

Timely and topical content isn’t particularly valuable when you haven’t yet built an audience to enjoy it while it’s fresh. Starting with evergreen content will give you a good library of reusable content upon which to built an audience.

Conclusion: It’s a long-term investment

Creating evergreen content can be time consuming and you may not see much reward straight away.

It can take months to produce enough quality content to get search engines to notice you and even longer to have enough to form the foundation of an active social media presence.

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