12 essential articles for digital entrepreneurs in June

The skills a digital entrepreneur required to achieve success are constantly evolving. To make things easier, each month we compile the industry’s best articles to help keep you informed. Below you’ll find 12 of the best marketing, management, web design, and productivity articles published in June 2019.

Digital Marketing

5 Successful Email Marketing Campaigns and Why They Worked
Javi Cano deconstructs five real-world email campaigns to learn why they worked.

How to Get (Real!) Followers on Social Media in 2019
Heather-Mae Pusztai assesses which social media strategies are still effective in 2019.

Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid
Dana DiTomaso discusses some common Google Ads mistakes and how to avoid them.

The Most Essential (and Surprising) Social Media Statistics and Facts of 2019
Bonnie Porter breaks down the most fascinating trends in social media happening right now.

10 Simple Strategies for Successful Content Marketing
Sergios Charambous argues that you should be thinking about content marketing—because it works.

Tiny Tips for Delivering Out-of-This-World Customer Support on Social Media
Supporting customers on social media is increasingly important. Heather-Mae Pusztai has ten ways to do it better.


How People Buy: eCommerce Decision-Making Explained
Todd Terwillegar explains the science behind how and why people make certain buying decisions.

Five Stars: The Importance of Customer Reviews
Ally Feiam explains of the importance of customer reviews in influencing buyer decision making.

Management & Strategy

Why Your Business Should Be Based On The Recurring Revenue Model
Matteo Duò discusses why you should base your business on recurring revenue, and how to set it up.

Recovering Your Website From a Catastrophic Failure
Jake Fellows shares his 17-step guide to creating a disaster recovery plan.

Web Design & Development

Google launches Site Kit to bring their website tools to WordPress
We look at a helpful plugin bringing Google’s best services directly into your WordPress website.

Sign Me Up! — Designing successful sign-up pages
Vasudha Mamtani breaks down the elements of a successful signup page.

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